The Avening Hall (or ACC North as some like to call it) is a little old hall in the hamlet of Avening, about an hour north of Toronto on Airport Road and a short paddle down the Mad River from Creemore, Ontario. It has a bowling alley in the basement, a picture of the Queen on the wall behind the stage, a main hall clad from floor to ceiling in wood and a faithful following of fans who like to see great old halls used for the reason they were built. That means great music, great parties and great fun (as well as the odd community dinner).

Over the years, the Avening Hall and its promoters have hosted Neko Case, Sarah Harmer, Elliott Brood, Basia Bulat, Hanna Georgas, Luther Wright & the Wrongs, the Silver Hearts, James McKenty & the Spades, Sunparlour Players, Matthew Barber, Jenny Whiteley, Carolyn Mark, NQ Arbuckle, Hank & Lily, Hayden, Willie P. Bennett, Oh Susanna, Joel Plaskett, Hawksley Workman, Dan ManganĀ  and the legendary Bogoslowski Wood Exchange.

Stay tuned, there are many hipshaking shows to comeā€¦ and all associated media accounts are owned and operated by The Creemore Echo for the purpose of promoting concerts presented in partnership with the Avening Community Centre Board of Management as well as other facilities and community groups in the Creemore area.

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